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The mathematics department at UCLA has a large and internationally recognized research group in analysis and partial differential equations, working in such areas as harmonic analysis, nonlinear dispersive and wave equations, microlocal analysis, random matrix theory, and complex analysis, and holding several regular seminars for both faculty and graduate students, including a joint analysis seminar with Caltech and co-hosting the biannual Southern California Analysis & PDE conference with UC San Diego and UC Irvine.


Faculty Visiting Faculty Graduate Students

Mario Bonk

Gregory Eskin (Emeritus)

Wilfrid Gangbo

John Garnett

Michael Hitrik

Rowan Killip

Inwon Kim

Jim Ralston (Emeritus)

Terence Tao

Monica Visan

Ioannis Angelopoulos

Alex Austin

Alpar Meszaros

Chenchen Mou

Evan Randles

Olga Turanova

Huy Tran

Chuntian Wang


Alexander Azzam

Ben Bellis

Alexander Dobner

Jordy Greenblatt

David Jekel

Dohyun Kwon

Gyuen Lee

Jeffrey Lindquist

Nicholas Miller

Dimitrios Ntalampekos

Maria Ntekoume

Eden Prywes

Brent Woodhouse

Angela Wu

Tianqi Wu

Yunfeng Zhang






For more information about the Analysis group, please consult their website.