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Homevestor Nurse LLC Marketing Internship

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Homevestor Nurse, LLC is a brand new real estate investing company looking for a marketing intern to help them get started and to elevate their brand to the next level! They will be focusing on wholesaling properties to generate a cash flow before working their way up to the classic "flipping" and "rehabbing" homes.

Homevestor Nurse LLC plans to do business all over the Los Angeles area but wish to focus on the San Fernando valley. They are hoping to have this position filled by any college student interested in a career in marketing or real estate. The position will include tasks such as managing and building all social media accounts, managing and building the website, managing direct mail campaigns, facilitating Craigslist and MLS searches, bandit sign campaigns, and more!

This is an opportunity to learn A TON about real estate and to broaden your marketing skills toolbox. This will be a part time position with flexible hours (in which you will most probably be able to make your own hours) AND much of the required work can be done from home!

Start date is not set in stone as of yet, but hoping to begin sometime in May and last throughout the summer with a potential for an offer of a permanent paid position in the fall. As of right now, the position is unpaid but a stipend is negotiable depending on performance of the intern and how well the business is doing.

If interested, please email thehomevestornurse@gmail.com with a resume and cover letter.