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Math Diagnostic Test

The Math Diagnostic Test determines placement for enrollment into Math 1, Math 31A, or Math 3A. 

Who should take the Math Diagnostic Test?

  • Students who do not have AP credit or other course credit for Math 1, Math 31A, or Math 3A
  • Students who are waiting for UCLA to receive their AP test scores or other course credit.
  • Students who have AP credit or other course credit for any of these courses, but wish to go backwards by taking these courses at UCLA.

Taking the diagnostic test does not grant additional credit or remove credit that is already awarded by UCLA Admissions. Students who take a course that they have already received credit for will receive a “no credit” notation on their transcript.

Math Diagnostic Test through ALEKS PPL

The UCLA Mathematics department requires students to use ALEKS PPL, a web-based learning system that uses adaptive technology to quickly and accurately assess readiness for certain mathematics courses.

Each student who takes the diagnostic test through ALEKS PPL will be charged a $20 fee upon logging in, which covers 12 months of access to the Prep and Learning Module.

ALEKS PPL can be accessed online at any time.
System Requirements

Before you begin, you need:

  • Your MyUCLA logon ID and password
  • Your credit card and billing information
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Pencil and paper
  • A space conducive to doing your best work
  • 2-3 hours of time

You should NOT use your own calculator. ALEKS will provide a calculator for questions that require it.

You should NOT use other resources such as textbooks, websites, or friends. Since this is a placement test, it is in your best interest not to cheat. You do not want to be placed in a class that is too advanced and compromise your academic success.

Take the Math Diagnostic Test

Test Length: 30 Questions

  1. Take the Test
    1. Log into the ALEKS site with your MyUCLA logon ID and password.
    2. Before beginning the test, ALEKS will walk you through a tutorial on how to use the embedded tools to calculate and input your answers.
    3. You will have 48 hours to complete the test. If the test is not completed in this time, ALEKS will provide a new test. ALEKS will automatically save your progress, allowing you to leave and return to the test.
  2. Interpret Your Score
    1. After completing the initial test, you will receive a report of your topic mastery and your score.
    2. If you score 80 or higher, enroll in Math 31A/Math 3A
    3. If you score between 65-79, enroll in Math 1
  3. Use the Learning Module
    1. You are given the opportunity to review certain topics and improve your placement through targeted learning exercises in the Prep and Learning Module.
  4. Retake the diagnostic test, if necessary
    1. After engaging with the learning module for at least 5 hours, you can take the test again to reassess course placement.
    2. The retake test will become available 48 hours after the initial test was completed.
      1. If you score 80 or higher, enroll in Math 31A/Math 3A
      2. If you score between 65-79, enroll in Math 1
    3. You will have access to the learning module for 12 months after taking the initial test.
  5. Enroll into a Mathematics class
    1. You can self-enroll into the appropriate math class 24 hours after receiving your score.


When you are ready, CLICK HERE to log in and access the Math Diagnostic Test. 

After completing your payment and registration, use this code to access the test: UCLA2018

Scores and Placement

Based on your score, you may enroll into the following class:




Math 31A/Math 3A


Math 1

Academic Integrity and Student Conduct

By participating in this test, the student agrees to comply with all UCLA policies and procedures on academic integrity. It is the student's responsibility to read and understand all aspects of the True Bruin Code of Conduct.

If UCLA and/or the UCLA Mathematics Department determine that a student has acted dishonestly, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken, up to and including being banned from math courses. At UCLA, the standard disciplinary process will be followed in accordance with applicable campus policies and procedures.

By proceeding with this test, the participant acknowledges that they have read the Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, please contact the Student Services Office of the Mathematics Department at (310) 206-1286 or ugrad[at]math[dot]ucla[dot]edu.

Please check back regularly for updates.